Craft Storage Cabinets
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All storage units are available in Walnut, Maple or White finish.
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Craft storage cabinets organize all your Jewelry Making, Quilting, Sewing, Card Making & Scrapbooking
supplies, just to name a few hobbies.  It is designed to be modular in form so that you can select the
combination to best suit your organizational needs.   The drawers are removable and interlock when
stacked, so you can choose which supplies you need at your work area without fear of the drawers
slipping off each other.  As your craft supplies increase, new cabinets can easily be added to your current
storage needs.

Bead Storage Organizer:
By adding  1” or 2” inserts to the drawers, you can store beads, findings, tools, stringing material, etc.  By
omitting drawers from one or two 1" sections, you will have space to slide most bead boards in, allowing
you to safely store partially designed jewelry, without fear of being knocked over. The 1" drawers, with
inserts, will hold small Swarovski bead packets and single beads.  The 2" drawers, with inserts, will hold
strands of Czech beads and larger packages of beads & findings.  Drawers, without inserts, easily
organize your tools and stringing materials.  Add a piece of fabric to a drawer and your finished pieces of
jewelry will have a storage area until your next craft fair or home show.  Want to color-code your beads?  
Simply sort your beads by color, using drawer inserts, and glue or tape color swatches on the front of the
drawer to match the color of the beads in the drawer.

Quilting & Sewing Storage Organizer:
The 1" & 2" drawers with or without the inserts are perfect for storing your threads, bobbins, needles,
pins, thimbles, Swarovski rhinestone & seed bead embellishments, appliqués, etc.   The 3.5" drawers are
just the right height for storing folded quilting squares, carded ribbons, containers of buttons, etc.   
Create an incredible work and storage area with the Best Craft desk and hutch combo.  You'll have room
for your sewing machine and all the supplies you need at your fingertips.  

Card Making & Scrapbooking Storage Organizer:
The paper trays are the best alternative, if you want to see your paper.  The trays can hold 50 sheets of
cardstock (these do not slide out like the drawers, although the paper easily slides out of the front of the
tray). The 1", 2" & 3.5" drawers are great for holding all your rubber stamps, stamp pads, markers, die
cuts, stickers, brads, templates, stencils, paints, markers, pens, embellishments such as rhinestones, etc.  
The 1” drawer fits any standard rubber mounted stamp and the 2” drawer will allow them to be double
stacked. (To determine how many of your stamps will fit into either the 1” or 2” drawer, simply use a 12x12
paper and lay your stamps out on top. This will give you an idea of how many drawers to purchase.)
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Walnut crafter's desk with hutch.
Maple Double Mini storage cabinet
Walnut crafter's desk.
walnut mini storage cabinet
White triple large storage cabinet.
Double Mini
Triple Large
Crafter's Desk
Crafter's Desk
with Hutch
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